What do I do if I think I hurt my knee/shoulder/ankle/wrist/back?

Consult a doctor. They will write a prescription for physical therapy if they think you could benefit from it.

Do I need a prescription for Physical Therapy or can I just walk in?

We welcome clients with or without a doctor's prescription for a consultation.

My husband/wife seems to be dizzy or losing his/her footing more often lately, what should I do?

Consult a doctor to see if physical therapy will aid in regaining balance control.

What does physical therapy actually do?

It aids in physical healing and broadening range of motion after an injury or medical procedure.

My daughter hurt her knee at volleyball practice, what should I do?

Check for signs of swelling or bruising. If there are no visible signs, try ice pack for 15 minutes (not on direct contact to skin, thin towel best). No exercise for 24-48 hours if the problem persists see a doctor.

What insurance do you take?

We proudly accept and/or are preferred providers for many major health plans including the following PPO plans:
• Medicare Certified
• Anthem Blue Cross PPO
• BlueCross/Blue Shield PPO
• Perscare PPO
• Perschoice PPO
• Cigna PPO
• Aetna
• Tricare
• Humana
• Worker's Compensation
Please check with our office manager for any questions regarding health insurance or payment options.

What if I got hurt at work?

Contact your HR person, or office manager. They will instruct you on your company's policy.

Do I need to make an appointment first or do you take walk-ins?

It's best to call first at (562) 597-3035

I want to get fit, but I am intimidated to go to a gym, can I work out at the Center for Physical Therapy?

Yes, we offer a variety of nonthreatening wellness programs to suit your needs: Pilates, mat Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, strength and conditioning, balance training, etc. Call today for details at (562) 597-3035.