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To the Center for Physical Therapy

Thank you for visiting our website. The Center for Physical Therapy takes great pride in providing professional and personalized physical therapy services and wellness programs to the people of greater Long Beach.

Founder, owner, and clinician, Kyle Baldwin, DPT is a long time resident and advocate of the great city of Long Beach. He created the Center for Physical Therapy with one goal in mind: to provide his patients with the quality and compassionate care they deserve. His blue collar upbringing coupled with Kyle's genuine care for people create a boutique practice where patients feel welcomed and at ease.

With over 20 years of both private and out patient physical therapy, the team at the Center for Physical Therapy share their expertise and experience to help patients and clients improve their overall quality of life. From preteens to senior citizens the Center for Physical Therapy team will help you to be well, stay well.


We treat preteens to senior citizens who have a variety of conditions and diagnoses. We specialize in orthopedic care (bones, joints, muscles, tendons, etc.). Our professional and personable team will guide you through your physical therapy and help you effectively and efficiently regain your function and comfort. Once your rehabilitation is complete we offer individualized & group wellness programs to help you maintain your health and mobility.


We create exercise-based programs designed to promote central nervous system compensation for inner ear deficits. We help with acute or abrupt loss of balance. We can help with age related balance problems and provide the patient with fall prevention strategies.


We offer our clients and patients personalized Pilates instruction. Using the Balanced Body Reformer, our instructors design and teach Pilates to any fitness level.

We offer various fitness programs including group mat Pilates, Saturday Sweats w/ CPT, Wednesday Wind-up or Wind-downs, and Personal Fitness Training to increase our clients overall fitness, stamina, strength, and flexibility.


With the demands on the amateur and professional athletes, injury prevention and cross training have never been more important! We offer sensible and easy to implement workouts to reduce the risk of injury to our athletes. The Center for Physical Therapy's staff with their 20 years+ of working with athletes of various sports at various levels from professional to middle school with teach you how to stay safe while playing sports.

  • “ I have worked with Dr. Kyle Baldwin at The Center for Physical Therapy many times over the past few years. By the end of my treatments, Kyle had helped not only my back injury, but also helped my entire body work together properly. With his knowledge and treatment, I was able to return to diving at an NCAA division one level. ”

    - SC
  • “ I spent 6 months recovering from a shoulder injury. From Physical Therapy to Pilates, the instruction, care, and service was fantastic. I highly recommend The Center for Physical Therapy. ”

    - JS
  • “ Kyle has been very careful to hire cheerful, client oriented employees who make it a pleasure to attend physical therapy. ”

    - JF